Know Anyone Who Eats Healthy But Is Still Sick, Tired & Over Weight?

Permission to reproduce given by the ICPA & Kelly Hayford, C.N.C.

People frequently ask me, "Why is it that I eat healthy and exercise regularly, but still can't lose weight, still feel like crap and still have no energy?!"


I respond in a nutshell by explaining, that you can eat well, exercise, get adjusted, and take quality whole-food supplements, but if you don't take out the toxic garbage that has accumulated in your gastro-intestinal tract -- especially your overworked and neglected liver-gallbladder, your master organ involved in virtually every function in your body, including your metabolism, thyroid, hormones, digestion and elimination - you're never going to be able to lose that excess weight and feel better.


"So how do I clean up my liver-gallbladder?," is of course, the next logical question that follows. A question not easily explained in a nutshell. A question that sends people to the internet and an avalanche of information to sift through that leaves them overwhelmed, uninspired and sometimes even downright scared at the prospects of what is suggested to adequately detox their liver-gallbladder - and rightfully so!