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Dr. Joyce Battaglia, Chiropractic Care in Huntersville NCDr. Joyce Battaglia provides chiropractic care without twisting or jerking the neck or back. The methods she uses have proved successful in eliminating a wide variety of ailments. Patients, young and old, find her chiropractic adjustments gentle and comfortable. more...

Chiropractic Care

For Patients Young & Old
Without twisting the spine
Relief for neck, back and leg pain

Patient of The Month

I started seeing Dr. Joyce Battaglia at Lakeside Chiropractic last year. I had chronic lower back pain and had become increasingly “uneven” over the years, with one shoulder noticeably lower than the other. After at least 6 months of regular chiropractic visits, the back pain is virtually gone, and I am more “even”. Best of all, I am now 9-weeks pregnant, after wanting a child for two years. I attribute this in part to my chiropractic care.

I’ve been to other chiropractors before, but Dr. Battaglia is definitely the best. She uses gentle techniques to get results, and I am impressed at her commitment to ongoing continuing education.

I would highly recommend Dr. Battaglia to anybody seeking chiropractic care.


Amy Bernstein, LCSW, CHt
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Hypnotherapist

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July 2007
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August 2007
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Non-twisting Chiropractic Care

Dr. Battaglia uses several chiropractic techniques in her non-twisting system of correcting the spine. Additional training was required beyond her chiropractic education to learn these advanced techniques.


Our Customers Say...

"Before I was under Dr. Battaglia's care, I had trouble walking without the use of a cane. Now I don't rely on it as much.

On several occasions, I've accidentally left my cane behind without even missing it. Now I can get out of my chair without any trouble"

Mr. Bob Eppse
1st adjustment at age 92 Charlotte, NC


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