Remove wallet from back pocket

Q: Why is it not recommended to keep a wallet in the back pocket of pants?

A: If you’ve been told to take your wallet out of the back pants pocket while sitting, it is for a good reason. Sitting on a lump, whether it’s a wallet or something else, can cause considerable spinal damage.

The pelvic and spinal bones are forced into a slightly contorted position every time you sit on your wallet. The long-term effect of this habit is misalignments of the hips and spinal bones. Unfortunately, misalignments like these that go uncorrected often lead to serious back trouble. For example, chronic back or hip pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and spinal or hip arthritis are a few conditions likely to develop.

The harmful effects of sitting on a wallet are intensified the longer a person sits. Truck drivers and people seated behind a desk for several hours are particularly prone to develop spinal problems if their wallet is kept in the back pocket.

So where should you carry your wallet? Keep it in a front pocket (or jacket breast pocket) where it won’t interfere with your spine or hips. Front pockets also have the benefit of being deeper, offering more security for your wallet. By simply changing pockets, you will have taken a significant step toward protecting your money as well as your back.