Maintenance care frequency

Q: How often do chiropractors recommend getting maintenance adjustments?

A: Most people know to change the oil in their car after every 3000 miles. However, with a schedule of chiropractic visits, there is no such standard that is ideal for every patient. An adjustment once every several weeks might suffice for a well-rested 25 year old fitness instructor with no history of significant spinal trauma. Conversely, a stressed-out, sleep-deprived, delivery truck driver who once played years of college football, will likely need more frequent visits to help counter some of the harsh demands placed on his body.

Age, health history, stress level and lifestyle are key factors that determine the frequency of chiropractic care required to maintain a healthy spine.

“Maintenance” care is perhaps better described as preventive or wellness care. If you go to a chiropractor as a result of pain and/or injury, you will first go through the initial phases of chiropractic care, which include pain relief and rehabilitation, before starting the preventive/wellness stage.

Preventive/wellness care involves periodic chiropractic visits to help you stay healthy. Your chiropractor will recommend a schedule of check-ups based on your specific needs and health goals. These check-ups serve as a preventive measure, (comparable to regular dental check-ups), and are meant to detect new problems so that they can be corrected at an early stage.