Healthcare vs. sickness care

Q: Why do some people see a chiropractor even when they feel well?

A: Because many people have found that receiving periodic chiropractic check-ups help to maintain good health.

What many people refer to as health care is really sickness care. People generally visit a medical doctor only after symptoms of illness appear. However, the mere absence of symptoms is a poor indicator of good health. Consider this: if you are sick with the flu today, were you really healthy yesterday? 

Many common health problems develop without causing immediate pain or discomfort. Some conditions generally known as arthritis, pinched nerves, or slipped discs can be found in the early stages by a chiropractor and corrected or improved before symptoms have a chance to appear. Chiropractors have been schooled to refer patients to other appropriate health care professionals if illnesses are found that are beyond the realm of chiropractic care.

Chiropractors specialize in the detection of nerve interference. Nerves control all of the body’s organs and tissues. Even subtle disturbances in nerve function can lead to a decline in health, regardless of how well a person feels. Eliminating improper nerve function has become a popular and effective way to prevent illness.

We all understand the importance of maintaining our automobiles with regular oil changes and tune-ups. No one would want to wait until smoke billows out from under the hood before bringing the car to the shop for repairs. The human body also needs minor repairs occasionally so it can function properly. Think of chiropractic check-ups as preventative maintenance for the body.