Emotional & chemical stresses

Chemical Stress: Several medical studies have established that toxins (harmful chemicals) irritate nerves. Toxins are present in environmental pollution, food additives, pesticides, tobacco or medication (over-the counter and prescription). These chemicals act on the body by irritating nerves, which in turn tighten muscles. Muscles that are abnormally tense can pull vertebrae out of alignment and put pressure on spinal nerves that travel to and control various body parts.

Physical Stress: The most obvious stress associated with misaligned vertebrae is physical stress. Physical stress may come from accidents, falls, sports injuries or other bodily trauma. Physical stress also results from less noticeable causes such as, poor posture or repetitive movements that gradually cause spinal bones to misalign or “lock-up”.

Chiropractors correct subluxations resulting from physical, chemical and emotional stress and eliminate nerve interference. The body is then able to adapt more easily to the realities of everyday living.