Does being overweight cause back pain

Q: Will losing weight help me with my back pain?

A: Even though not all studies support the association of being overweight with back pain, it is certain that extra weight adds insult to existing trouble spots in the spine. That is, people are sometimes unaware that they have back trouble developing until they gain weight and symptoms such as pain emerge. Shedding spare pounds is a good idea for general health but it might not solve back pain.

Typically, being overweight effects your posture and your spine. Added bulk around the abdomen causes the lower back bones to be pulled forward, placing excessive stress on muscles and joints. Spinal bones can then become locked in place and begin to irritate spinal nerves while also stretching surrounding muscles and ligaments. Losing weight may or may not relieve back pain. Specific chiropractic adjustments may also be necessary to unlock the displaced spinal bone(s).