What are people saying about Dr. Joyce Battaglia?

Robarcheck, Peg.jpg

"As a writer I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. When I moved recently, hauling boxes made the problem worse and I ended up with a pinched nerve.  Within a few weeks, Dr. Battaglia not only eliminated the problem with the pinched nerve, she also addressed the chronic neck and shoulder pain. During my treatment, she also took care of a minor flare-up of TMJ pain. I can’t believe how much better I feel!"

~ Peg Robarcheck, Davidson, NC

Damore, Darcella

"Dr. Battaglia, I need to personally thank you. The success that I have experienced from your work on me has created a better quality of life for me. I had severe pain from my TMJ. Many years of pain and in 5 weeks as your patient, I feel like an armor has been lifted from me."

~ Darcella D'Amore, Mooresville, NC

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"I used to get headaches so bad that I’d have to have a co-worker drive me home from work. I couldn’t drive because looking into the sunlight would make my head hurt worse. I would take medications and have to go to sleep. Sometimes, I could not go a week without having a headache. I suffered with these headaches for 25 years. Since being under Dr. Joyce Battaglia’s chiropractic care, I haven’t had a headache since December, 2001. Dr. Joyce has given me adjustments to align my hips and decrease my low back pain too. I continue with bimonthly adjustments to help keep my body healthy. In addition, I appreciate the advice that Dr. Joyce and Dr. John have given me so that I can lead a healthier lifestyle."

~ Dixie Cashion, Cornelius, NC

Dan Budzinski

"I started under Dr. Joyce Battaglia’s care after sudden pain I had in my arm and shoulder. The pain was very intense to the point I actually beat my shoulder area with a club. I thought the original discomfort was a muscle strain. I tried painkillers, heating pads and a massage but none of these treatments seemed to work. Dr. Battaglia examined my spine and noticed the misalignments in my neck. The bones in my neck were irritating the nerves that go to the muscles in my arm and shoulder, causing intense pain. Now the pain is gone and the fluid movement of my arm and shoulder has been restored. I have above normal activity for 62-year-old male and play golf several times week. My golf game has even improved!"

Dan Budzinski, Charlotte, NC

Dr Tom Duncan

"As a chiropractor I know the value of health. I have a standing appointment with Dr. Battaglia for my weekly check-ups. I am very active outside of my practice with tennis and running. Chiropractic care has always helped my body heal itself, prevent injuries and decrease the downtime when I do get injured. Chiropractic care has afforded me the ability to enjoy life at a higher level. The investment I am putting into caring for my body by eating wholesome foods, exercising regularly, staying spiritually focused, and keeping a positive mental attitude along with weekly chiropractic checkups has paid off and will enable me to live an active life in the future. Thank you for the care you have provided."

~ Dr. Tome Duncan, Cornelius, NC

Amy Bernstein

"I started seeing Dr. Joyce Battaglia at Lakeside Chiropractic last year. I had chronic lower back pain and had become increasingly “uneven” over the years, with one shoulder noticeably lower than the other. After at least 6 months of regular chiropractic visits, the back pain is virtually gone, and I am more “even”. Best of all, I am now 9-weeks pregnant, after wanting a child for two years. I attribute this in part to my chiropractic care. I’ve been to other chiropractors before, but Dr. Battaglia is definitely the best. She uses gentle techniques to get results, and I am impressed at her commitment to ongoing continuing education. I would highly recommend Dr. Battaglia to anybody seeking chiropractic care."

~ Amy Bernstein, LCSW, CHt, Mooresville, NC

Karen Bernstein

"My daughter Karen has been under Dr. Joyce Battaglia’s care since her first check-up at three weeks old. I recently took Karen in for a check-up with her pediatrician and the doctor. Karen had an ear infection and a runny nose. The pediatrician wrote a prescription for some antibiotics. That afternoon Karen and I came in for our pre-vacation chiropractic check-ups. Dr. Joyce focused on Karen’s upper neck and corrected the misaligned vertebrae. Karen slept the entire ride while I took care of my errands. When we got home she was feeling fine. Karen never took the antibiotics the pediatrician prescribed. She was fine on the plane and her runny nose is gone. She had a wonderful time on vacation."

~ Karen Bernstein, Mooresville, NC

JJ Brava

"I had bad pain in my lower back for most of my life. I fell from a two-story building and landed on my back at the age of two.

My back and leg pain got so bad over the years I resorted to a surgery that removed some of the disc in my low back. The surgery temporarily relieved the pain in my back and leg.  

After about three years the discomfort started to come back in my low back and leg. I wanted to find a long-term solution to this problem so I came in to see Dr. Joyce Battaglia. 

Within a short period of time under Dr. Battaglia’s care I started to see improvement with my low back and leg pain. Now I am able to move around without discomfort and I don’t need another surgery. I am now able to enjoy my life and exercise, garden, and go camping."

JJ Brava, Concord, NC

Purkey, Mike

"Before I began receiving treatment from Dr. Battaglia, my hips weren’t level, one leg was longer than the other and my neck was stiff. All of which made it virtually impossible for me to consistently make a repetitive golf swing. However, just a few sessions into the treatment program, my hips began to level out, my legs were even and my neck started to become freer. Now I have a much better chance to get in the proper position for a good swing motion."

~ Mike Purkey, Davidson, NC

Marie Conway

"I have had migraine headaches, neck pain and many sleepless nights for the last 25 years. I was under the impression that I would have to live with these problems.

Dr. Joyce Battaglia has helped me to improve my health. I have not had a migraine headache since Dr. Battaglia started treating me in June 2004. I’ve regained normal movement of my neck, my posture has improved and I sleep like a baby at night.

I am able to concentrate on my work and do all sorts of activities that most human beings without neck pain and migraines can do."

Marie Conway, Mooresville, NC

Bob Eppes

"Chiropractic care has helped me walk a lot easier. I received my first chiropractic adjustment at age 92. Dr. Battaglia has helped me stand straighter and feel better. I used to have difficulty walking without the use of a cane. After only a few adjustments, I noticed that I did not rely on my cane as much. In fact, on several occasions I’ve left my cane behind without missing it at all."

~ Bob Eppse, Charlotte, NC

Turner, Sondra

"I believed that I would have to live with neck pain the rest of my life. For more than twenty years I have suffered from neck pain as the result of a car accident. Prescription medication just didn’t work long term. Adjustments to the neck vertebra have finally provided pain relief. I can now sleep and awake without excruciating pain that I experienced in the past. Dr. Battaglia has also adjusted my spine and leveled by hips relieving occasional lower back pain. Thank you Dr. Battaglia!"

~ Sondra Turner, Mooresville, NC

Aimee Curtis

"The treatment I have received from Dr. Battaglia has made a noticeable and positive difference in my neck and lower back. Before adjustments, I had pain in my lower back, hips and limited movement in my neck. Several adjustments later, my hips are more level, my back pain is infrequent, and I can move my head and neck in ways I haven’t been able to in a long time. I am a very active elementary music teacher and use a great deal of movement in my classes. What a difference it has made to be able to have a greater range of pain free motion!"

~ Aimee Curtis, Concord, NC

Donald Kephart

"After my car accident, I had such intense migraine headaches that they would make me cry. After only a week under Dr. Battaglia’s care, my headaches were gone.

I also had problems with my shoulder and could not sleep on my right side. Now my shoulder is not giving me any problems. My health has been improving since being under her care."

~ Donald Kephart, Gastonia, NC

"Before coming to see Dr. Battaglia I used to have severe back pain, migraine headaches, sinus infections and ear infections for several years. Now my headaches have vanished, back pain is gone the majority of the time and my sinus and ear infections have decreased. I am enjoying exercising without pain and my freedom of movement is pain free."

~ Anita Halcomb, Huntersville, NC

"I have been seeing Dr. Joyce Battaglia since February 2000, and the improvement in my physical well being has been wonderful! Dr. Joyce’s technique is a dramatically different approach. I had much confidence in her abilities from the beginning pre-exam, and have not been disappointed. Thanks, Dr. Joyce!

~ Jean Brown, Kannapolis, NC

"Dr. Joyce has been helping me with my headaches and I haven’t had any more backaches since she has been adjusting me. She’s given me advice on how to care for my back during and after work. She’s a good chiropractor and a sweet lady. I always feel good after the adjustments."

Juana Onaindia, Charlotte, NC