Neck pain after visiting hairdresser

Q: My neck always hurts after going to the hairdresser. What do you think could cause this?

A: Some women report regularly having neck pain shortly after visiting the hairdresser. The neck pain is most likely being triggered by tilting your head back in a sink while getting your hair washed. This position can easily aggravate an underlying problem in the neck.

Under normal circumstances, the neck vertebrae crowd together when the head is tilted backward. If misaligned neck bones are present, this motion can cause pain by irritating some of the nerves in the neck. Muscles may also tighten and feel strained or sore. Since you are consistently having this pain after visiting the hairdresser, you should have your neck examined by a chiropractor to determine what the underlying problem is. A chiropractor can tell you if misaligned neck vertebrae are causing your pain or if another cause is to blame. Chiropractors correct troublesome misalignments in the neck and back. Recommendations will also be given by your chiropractor to help avoid the same problem from returning.

It is wise to avoid extreme extension of the neck while you are leaning your head back in the sink. That is, slide your rear end far forward in the chair to avoid having to tilt your head back excessively.